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Sara Buchenberger



Sara has over four years experience treating a variety of mental health concerns including but not limited to: depression and anxiety, relationship stress, trauma, gender identity, and grief and loss. She is primarily a person-centered therapist and believes that meeting each person where they are with the humility to know that each client is capable of growth and is an expert on their own lived experience brings about the most potential for change.


Sara offers a non-judgmental safe space for clients to explore all that is before them and all that they have been through to help clients develop a fuller and more robust self-understanding.  Sara feels passionate about the unique population Waypoint serves.  Sara is a wife and mother herself, having experienced many of the struggles that our clients face personally, but believes that each person's experiences are unique and will cater treatment to include therapeutic interventions that most benefit the client and their preferences.

She is passionate about the impact that our social systems have on individuals day to day life and the importance of addressing how meaningful transitions are to that balance. Additionally, Sara is well versed in working with children, their development, and counseling needs and is excited to be able to offer potential new strategies for parents to model and use in their relationships with their children.

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