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General Motherhood Concerns

The baby stage goes by so quickly and before you know it you have a toddler, middle schooler, or teenager. Now the demands on you are different - it's juggling family activities with career demands. It's worrying about your kid's social or academic struggles or not feeling connected to your child. It's that continued feeling of "I'm not doing a good enough job." 

Or maybe you are struggling in your relationship with your partner. You feel isolated and disconnected, not knowing how to communicate in a way that doesn't cause tension or an argument.


Perhaps you aren't sure who you are anymore. You always wanted to be a mom and now you are but you still feel like something is missing or a hollow version of your old self. You aren't feeling fulfilled.  

We will explore the areas in which you are struggling and together figure out ways to improve connection, confidence, and contentment. 

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