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Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety

Being providers in NC with specialized perinatal mental health certification, we will help you navigate this challenging time so you can start feeling like you have control again, gain confidence in yourself and satisfaction as a mother.

Traumatic Birth or Pregnancy

Many moms don't realize the trauma they experienced as a result of pregnancy or birth that impacts how they feel on a daily basis. We will help you process your experience and find healing. 

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Infertility, Miscarriage,
Stillbirth & Infant Loss

It's not fair you are dealing with this. But you don't have to alone. We will work together to find comfort for you, to honor your baby, and to heal the pain. 

NICU & Medical Problems

We will help you learn to focus on what you can control when motherhood isn't turning out the way you pictured it. We will figure out strategies so you aren't worrying constantly. We will process the confusing feelings you may be having so you feel more in control even when facing extreme challenges.

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Teen Psychologist

Guilt, Shame, Anger, & Irritability

There are many potential reasons you could be experiencing guilt, shame, anger, or irritability. We will help you sort through and get to the bottom of the reasons why. We will learn how to manage your triggers and end the vicious cycle so you can have more control over your feelings instead of them controlling you.

General Motherhood Concerns

We will explore the areas in which you are struggling and together figure out ways to improve connection, confidence, and contentment.

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Hormonal & Mood Concerns

It can be difficult to tease apart if certain feelings or symptoms are due to hormonal changes or mood fluctuations. Our skilled providers help determine if you can benefit from lab work or testing. We work closely with you to figure out and treat the root cause of your concerns so that you can feel better.


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