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Reproductive Grief & Loss

Miscarriage, TFMR, Stillbirth
& Infant Loss

You were pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. You may be blaming yourself or frustrated that your partner doesn't understand your grief. You may be feeling hopeless that you'll never have a baby. 


Or you found out the baby you were so excited for has a condition incompatible with life. You have to make the unthinkable decision to terminate your pregnancy for medical reasons and are feeling confused, grief-stricken, and alone. 

Or you suffered a stillbirth or infant loss. The pain is almost unbearable.  You may feel helpless and hopeless about your future as a parent and wonder what the next steps are for your family. You wonder how on earth you will move forward through the grief. 

It's not fair you are dealing with this. But you don't have to alone. We will work together to find comfort for you, to honor your baby, and to heal the pain. 

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