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NICU & Medical Problems

Your baby is born premature, requiring an unexpected stay in the NICU. Suddenly your dreams of quiet days at home snuggling your little one during your maternity leave are replaced with pumping, trips back and forth to the hospital, your baby undergoing medical procedures, and a lot of worry. You feel scared, robbed, and more than anything want your baby home with you. 

Or maybe your baby has an acute or chronic medical issue that has you concerned or worried about the future. You may suddenly have to learn special ways to care for your baby and are worried about his development, childcare, and how you are going to manage it all. 

Having a baby who has some special needs may not be what you bargained for. While you love your baby you may be longing for a time when life was much simpler and then feel guilty for feeling that way. We will help you learn to focus on what you can control when motherhood isn't turning out the way you pictured it. We will figure out strategies so you aren't worrying constantly. We will process the confusing feelings you may be having so you feel more in control even when facing extreme challenges.

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