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Teamwork: The People vs The Pandemic

We've heard the term since we were little kids. Whether it was playing rec soccer, doing a group project at school, having to complete a dreaded chore with a sibling or a myriad of other situations. TEAMWORK. You've heard phrases like "There is no "I" in team" or "work as a team" or "do it for your team." Have you ever given thought to what teamwork really means?

The 2020 pandemic has been the most challenging situation our country and world has faced in our lifetime. It has been a time that has tested us all in one way or another and has been divisive in many ways (who knew wearing masks would become a political issue?). Social media and the news would lead us to believe that everyone and everything is awful. But have you read between the lines? Have you looked around to see the unity this pandemic has created? And the way every single person has been a key member on this team in the game of The People vs The Pandemic? Here are just some of our star players who earn the award for teamwork this season:

- Delivery drivers - you are working overtime to make sure everyone has what they need and want. You are especially crucial now as we all scramble to make sure the holidays bring joy to our loved ones.

- Teachers - you have been asked to teach in new and difficult ways to keep our children engaged and learning in a close to impossible situation. You have done it with grit and determination and your love for our kids is evident!

- Stay at home moms - you haven't had a break since March. We know you love your family but it has been a lot to ask you to pivot and manage all the things without much appreciation and without a time out.

- Mental Health Professionals - you have had to kick it into high gear this year. You carry the weight of others' struggles and crises during this pandemic all while seeing more patients than ever and managing your own family's needs.

- IT Professionals - your efforts have allowed the rest of us to adapt at work, home, and school to continue functioning in these roles. You have dealt with the pressure, questions, and impatience with tenacity.

- Small Business Owners - the level of creativity you have shown to continue to provide services to your community is amazing. By doing so you are helping the rest of us do what we need to do and also experience some level of normalcy.

- Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals - you are adapting daily to new demands, changing protocols, and being flexible in your roles to help in the fight against COVID. You are providing additional emotional support to your patients and colleagues all while balancing your own personal needs.

- Custodial Staff - you are being asked to do more than ever and are in the background helping the rest of the team continue to function. Your efforts are essential and so important and are recognized!

- Married Couples - this pandemic hasn't been easy. You have had to be together a lot more than usual under an incredible amount of stress. But you have figured out a way to manage the chaos together.

- Nursing Home Staff - you have provided a high level of emotional support to both your patients and their families. The isolation of your facility being locked down we know is a huge burden on you as well.

- Parents of young kids - you are faced with worrying about your child's emotional and educational development, making hard decisions about their schooling, and trying to support their many needs while juggling everything else.

- Parents of older kids - you are worried about the impact isolation is having on their self esteem and emotional and social growth. You mourn the experiences they are missing out on but try to keep a positive outlook for them.

- School Administrators - your leadership, resolve, and creativity while working overtime to try to meet the demands of all families is so appreciated and has been instrumental in getting through this.

- Youth Coaches and Leaders - you are using creative ways to keep our youth active and engaged. Whether if it's on the field or with music or clubs or service, you have continued to provide a sense of belonging which has been essential for our kids.

- Scientists - you are working overtime to fight this disease. Even if you aren't directly involved in developing a vaccine, you and your research have had to adjust in some way for the greater good.

We have all been asked to play positions we weren't trained for to win this game. We've been asked to adapt, to work harder than we ever have, and not take breaks or time outs. We've played offense and defense, sometimes at the same time. We have collaborated, come up with creative plays, we have scored some points and we've given up some points. But through it all we have developed an unprecedented playbook that gives new meaning to the word teamwork and the realization that we are ALL on the SAME team.

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