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Grateful and Honored

Hey there. It's been awhile. Almost a year in fact since I wrote my last blog entry. I've been wanting to write several times but have been quite busy and unfortunately it fell down the list of priorities. So here I am, the day before Thanksgiving, and I finally have time to write a few words of reflection.

So what's been keeping me from this blog these past 11 months? The main reason is I have been working my butt off to build my practice. A practice that started out as an idea and seeing a need for specialized maternal mental health care in our community. Having worked with mothers over the years, experiencing my own depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy and hearing stories about how moms are often struggling in silence. After losing my own infant son and realizing the lack of resources for grief and loss for moms experiencing pregnancy and infant loss, I knew more had to be done. I pursued advanced maternal mental health training and became one of the first providers in the country to earn Perinatal Mental Health certification. I opened Waypoint Counseling & Maternal Wellness, PLLC officially on February 3, 2020. Fast forward less than two years later and I've hired five amazing providers with a sixth starting soon. We have moved to a larger office suite. We have a rapidly growing waiting list. I'm actively interviewing to hire more clinicians to meet the demand for our personalized and specialized services.

I have worked really hard and have learned a lot these past two years. More than I want to know about taxes, business structures, insurance (insert headache here), ethernet and wifi and telehealth, the list goes on and on. So, as you can imagine, attending to this blog slides down the list when I am putting out fires and trying to do all.the.things.

Despite the hard work and stress of getting Waypoint up and running, I am thankful every day that THIS is what I'm doing. It's worth it. It's worth it when I get an email from a former client just giving me an update and thanking me for my help. It's worth it when a patient in our practice goes out of their way to share a compliment about her provider to me. It's worth it when we see the moms we work with feel better. It's worth it when a mom who experiences loss lets us walk with and guide her in her grief. It's worth it when we help a mom learn to communicate better with her spouse or partner. It's worth it when we can help a mom process her trauma. It's worth it helping a mom realize her confidence and be content with who she is, not who she thinks she should be.

What an honor it is for us to be trusted by women at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. What an honor it is for me to have amazing and talented people want to work for this practice which just started as an idea and a vision.

So on this day before Thanksgiving I want to express my gratitude to our awesome team of providers. And most importantly to our clients who continue to teach us as we walk with them in their journey. Thank you.



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