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Erica Palmiero


Erica Palmiero-PMHNP-BC

Erica is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Perinatal Mental Health Certified. She has worked in numerous inpatient settings including New York Presbyterian’s Division of Psychiatry and has over 15 years of experience providing psychiatric care across the lifespan.

Specializing in therapy and medication management, she uses a holistic and integrative approach to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.  Erica’s primary focus includes perinatal care encompassing mood disorders, grief, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Erica’s client-centered approach is the notion that holistic care, kindness and empathy aid in the promotion of healing and recovery. She believes in individualized care with the goal of forging relationships with clients that allows for change based on knowledge and support. Erica is committed to assisting clients with developing the tools they need to lead productive and meaningful lives. 

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