Counseling for Mothers

Our mission is to promote the mental health of mothers and women through counseling, treatment, and education. We are committed to empowering mothers to prioritize their emotional health because when a mom feels her best, everyone benefits. 

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In-Person & Virtual Appointments 

Areas of Specialty



Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Anxiety

Adjusting to Motherhood

Birth Trauma

Guilt and Shame

Anger and Irritability

NICU and Medical Complications


Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Loss

Stress Management

Mothers of Toddlers, School-age children, and Teens

Work and Family Balance

Hormonal and Mood Issues


Our Approach

Not sure if what you are feeling is "normal"? We will partner with you to figure out strategies to cope with your moods, irritability, anxiety, and stress. We help you sort out confusing feelings so you can start feeling more like yourself.  Through our practical and compassionate approach, we help parents navigate their challenges while achieving fulfillment and confidence. Clients describe us as warm, easy to talk to, direct, and honest. We'd be honored to help you because we firmly believe you deserve to feel your best self.

Our Space

Relax in the waiting area before or after your session. Babies are welcome to attend your visit if you need. A calming, comfortable environment awaits! Please note that we follow applicable state and local COVID guidelines.

Not Sure Where Your Path Leads? 
Let's Find Your Way.


Current Client

I cannot speak highly enough of Desiree & Rachel...It's been a wonderful experience! I've referred 2 other friends/colleagues to you all!


Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Erica is kind and empathetic and engages in her patient's needs.


Perinatal Social Worker, Large Local Hospital

Waypoint has a huge reputation. I trust you with my patients and prefer to refer to you all.